Online Backup

Ikona-Backup is the cost effective off-site backup solution for protecting your data.

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Online Backup

75% of companies that lose data in a disaster are out of business inside two years (Source: DTI). Whether yours is a large or small company, with or without an IT department, you will probably have some kind of backup in place, but are you confident that ALL your important data is being backed up properly? We have some simple questions. Is your backup software correctly configured? Do you have copies of your most vital data off-site? When did you last validate your restore process?

Ikona-Backup is the cost effective solution for backing up your data.

With Ikona-Backup there is no requirement for special hardware or tapes and there is no capital expenditure, all you need is your existing broadband internet connection and our service will enable you to back-up your files from your Server, Desktop or even your Laptop.

Our incredibly easy to use software enables you to select important files and drag copies of them into secure storage. You can even automate the procedure and if you want to go back to earlier versions of files then Ikona-Backup allows you to do this with no extra effort.

Online Backups from Ikona-Backup provides you with safe, secure, high-level protection for your data, and a simple, fast and hassle free data recovery service, should the worst happen.

Our service is not only simple to use, but great value and takes advantage of a fully automated operation, completely removing the risk of human error. This service allows clients to carry on working while their data is securely backed up in 2 separate data centres.

Benefits include:

  • Easy automatic scheduling
  • Low-cost, Cost effective, high-level data protection
  • Data is encrypted whilst stored off-site; only the original user/administrator has access
  • Easy restore to any location
  • Allows real-time and scheduled backup for SQL Server and Exchange E-mail

Call us today for a FREE 14-Day trial on Ikona-Backup and learn how we can protect one of your organisation's most valuable assets, its data.

We are based in Cardiff but we work with clients anywhere, including:
London, Bristol & Surrounding areas,
South Wales, Scotland and

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