As your organisation grows, no network can function to full efficiency without a server.

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As your organisation grows, no network can function to full efficiency without a server. Whether your organisation requires cost effective, reliable Windows Servers to host business applications such as E-mail, Web Servers and Database services or you require mission critical, fault tolerant servers to run enterprise applications, Ikona are able to assist you.

Ikona have the knowledge and experience to not only assist in delivering simple workgroup servers, but can also deliver and support powerful mid / high end enterprise servers specifically engineered for large scale use. We also have the expertise to integrate new systems into existing corporate infrastructures.

Business Benefits of a Server:

  • Greater functionality and improved manageability
  • Improved security through creating individual access rights
  • Greater network stability - less downtime
  • Centralised email collection and delivery services
  • Centralised backups
  • Lower cost of ownership

Ikona can also deliver the expertise required to provide wired and wireless solutions for your business. We have over 10 years of building and supporting a wide variety of network systems ranging from simple single-site workgroup solutions to large multi-network multi-site organisations. Ikona is here to ensure the various networking technologies fit together seamlessly and work effectively to serve your business demands.

Business Benefits of Networking:

  • Allows communication between your users to share files and software
  • Efficiency in the workplace is immediately increased
  • Expensive items such as printers, photocopiers and fax machines can be shared
  • Greatly increases levels of customer service and improves communication with suppliers
  • Sending of information via the network eliminates the need for printing and photocopying which in turn saves time and money
  • Increases the availability of your information and at the same time reduces the information overload by providing better business tools, such as CRM systems and Databases

Take advantage of our FREE no-obligation consultation and learn how our approach can lead to a solid server infrastructure and stable network.

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